Online Tile Recipe Generator (Link)
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So this is just a random thought, and I realize it would take a lot of work to implement (and I don't want to take away from the actual creation of tiles) but it would be really cool if there were some kind of web-based "dungeon creator" where we could drag and drop openforge tiles and create a dungeon, then it would output the number of type of each openforge tile needed to print in order the make the dungeon. For example, I could look at a dungeon in my D&D book, recreate the dungeon in this hypothetical tool, and then it would say "You need to print: 20 2x2 dungeon floors, 8 4x4 dungeon floors, 12 arched doorways, 4 2x2 ruined walls" etc... Nothing terrible fancy or 3d, just some kind of visual drag & drop interface which would let us know what tiles to print, so we could experiment with the best way to make a specific dungeon before printing.

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