Add Crenelations To The Cut Stone Exterior Wall Sets (Link)
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Love the old crenelated tiles, but since there's so much amazing content for the cut stone tiles, I'm building my castle out of those. I'd love to see crenelations added to the external (12.5mm wide) cut stone walls.

It appears that there is no extra detail added between the crenelations. (i.e. It's just taking a few rectangular bites out of existing tiles, rather than having to put stone texture on the insides of the crenelations.) It'd be awesome to see a massive file dump where the External Cut Stone corners, External Cut Stone Walls, Openlock Cut Stone walls and Cut Stone curves got a crenelation treatment. I wish I knew 3d modelling so I could cut them up myself. That's all that's standing between me and my completed castle.

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