Add Corner Doors/Windows To Ruined Stone Corners (Link)
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Ruined tiles are great, and the variety of low, medium and high ruins is amazing. I don't mind putting them together from the construction kit. The only problem is making doors. If I make a rather average sized building out of four 2x2 corner tiles, that's 4x4, or squares. No big deal, but if I want to put a door in that, I can't currently put it on a corner, so the only possible entry points are by a)making it even larger, 4x6 squares and putting the door in the middle b) leaving a gap and calling it a door or c) using two 2x2 corner tiles and two 2x2 straight wall tiles to make a "U" shape, then printing off two extra walls to close it off and having these 2 awkward external walls just hanging off the edge without bases.

Solution: Either make a few corner tiles with doors or windows or make a construction kit where you can splice together a ~40mm edge wall with a ~50mm door (or window) and glue both pieces together with a floor and base to make our own corner tiles. Heck, just make them all full height to make it easier.

Crazy solution, port all the amazing ruined tiles over to become external tiles like Cut Stone. That'd take forever, though.

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